The Journey (Sherwood Untold Book 1) by Ekaterina Crawford

She is a successful barrister who revolves in high society and leads a comfortable, happy life in London. He is a ruthless murderer, the right-hand man and Commander-in-Chief to the callous Sheriff of Nottingham. However, looks are often deceptive and behind the strong facade, there hide broken and lonely souls, longing for compassion, happiness and... Continue Reading →

Trouble on the High Seas

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio) (Volume 2) After Dr. Antonio‚Äôs amazing and ludicrous adventures in Trouble with Howlers, he and his capuchin girlfriend Plum have finally found the time for a romantic getaway for two. Waving goodbye to the plethora of their talking animal and human friends, they board the Caribbean Princess... Continue Reading →

Trouble with Howlers

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio Book 1) In the dark, damp canopy of the South American rainforest lives a psychiatrist named Antonio Agular Frigiliana Ribaldio Valdicarzana, otherwise known as Dr. Antonio. In addition to being a professional, level-headed psychologist, Dr. Antonio is also a talking Capuchin monkey, who is finally finished with... Continue Reading →

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