Flare by J.M Hackman

Heartbreak. Kidnapping. Political rebellion. Best summer vacation ever. Brenna travels to Linneah via portal to visit her boyfriend Baldwin, only to find heartbreak. Betrayal. A serious case of never, ever wanting to see him again. Worst summer vacation ever. So when her best friend Tiny invites her on a road trip to meet Tiny’s fiancé,... Continue Reading →

Curse of the Fae (The Creeper Saga Book 2)

Stepping into the Fae realm unlocked Liauna’s hidden magic, now she must learn to control her powers. But time is of the essence. The evil king who started the apocalypse, along with the witch who cursed him, are still on the loose. And their goal? To destroy the Fae realm. She'll need her powers, as... Continue Reading →

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