Spellbinder by Harold Robbins

From the author of The New York Times #1 bestselling novel The Carpetbaggers comes a hard-edged look at the seductive, high-stakes and often hypocritical world of religious revivalism and televangelists.... Spellbinder is the story of a genuine and charismatic believer known as "Preacher," who returns from the foxholes and horrors of Vietnam with a simple... Continue Reading →

The Cumberland Tale

As a child and adolescent, we all have memories that are imprinted in our minds. The tales within this book, germinated from a few scattered images, grew to include aspects of magic realism and reality. Thus it is a work of fiction. I remember the old Chinatown, the characters and the feel of the Cumberland... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 9

Another twelve books! Make sure to leave a review after you've read them and please share this list! Autumn Eternal Of all the places to grow up, Kip Carringer spent his youth in the secluded little town of Arno. Strange things were common there but no one seemed to notice, except for Kip that is.... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 6

My sixth list of books that you should consider reading! All books are from authors I follow on Facebook.  Make sure to check out their Amazon author pages and leave reviews!    The Runaway Girl Series: Historical Thrillers Books 1-3 Book 1: Runaway Girl A missing girl. The treacherous streets of Medieval London. Only one... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 5

Here is the fifth installment of mostly indie books! Please share this on your various social media platforms and if you know of any readers, share with them too!  Fangs and Broken Bones Fangs and Broken Bones is the second anthology from Feed Your Monster. This story collection brings an array of talent to the... Continue Reading →

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