The Fun House Mystery Adventure (The Andrew Teen Chronicles Book 1)

 It has been just over a year since Andrew (12), his cousin Lauren (10), and his little brother Tyler (6) defeated the villainous pirate Jack Frost in the strange game worlds of the brilliant, but enigmatic Professor Adams. The trio had said a bittersweet farewell to their friends Red Eye the pirate, Squawky the parrot,... Continue Reading →

Tinsey Clover- Review

This was a cute little tale about a courageous elf who figures out that the world can be so much more than it is. I loved the variety of characters and overall fast-paced storyline that makes this a great read for middle schoolers and more. 5 stars. **Will be available in PFP's April kids book... Continue Reading →

Trouble Down Under by Robert Mackey

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio) (Volume 3) Dr. Antonio and his girlfriend Plum finally thought they could get some downtime after their nautical adventures in Trouble on the High Seas. But then their new alien friends Jim and AB materialize in their rainforest home, and Antonio and the gang realize there is... Continue Reading →

Trouble on the High Seas

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio) (Volume 2) After Dr. Antonio’s amazing and ludicrous adventures in Trouble with Howlers, he and his capuchin girlfriend Plum have finally found the time for a romantic getaway for two. Waving goodbye to the plethora of their talking animal and human friends, they board the Caribbean Princess... Continue Reading →

Trouble with Howlers

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio Book 1) In the dark, damp canopy of the South American rainforest lives a psychiatrist named Antonio Agular Frigiliana Ribaldio Valdicarzana, otherwise known as Dr. Antonio. In addition to being a professional, level-headed psychologist, Dr. Antonio is also a talking Capuchin monkey, who is finally finished with... Continue Reading →

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