Happy Birthday Me!

Soooo it's my birthday today! Yay! If you feel like you're in the gift giving mood, I would LOVE for some honest reviews of Love Dust on Amazon. Or if you could share a post about it! Anything helps! It's the second anthology I have published, but the 5th I have a story in. PLUS... Continue Reading →

Love Dust sale!

Need something to snuggle up with during the temperamental autumn days? Try Love Dust: a multi-genre anthology full of love stories! Purchase a paperback, ebook, or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Now only $10!!! US paperback amzn.to/2osEGWH US ebook y.to/2NJLGJu UK ebook amzn.to/2Ir1Qpy


“If you’re leaving, close the door!” I yelled after her. Penny paused in the doorway, facing the summer sun. Her hair billowed behind her like the rolling waves of an ebony sea. She turned toward me, her lips trembling, tears spilling down her cheeks. “Look at yourself, Will. I can’t sit by and watch you... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Blog Tour- Alisha Massenet

Alisha Massenet enjoys the small magics in everyday life. She writes fluffy romances with happily-ever-afters from her home in Canada, which is filled with the laughter of joyful children and the hissing of grumpy cats – and sometimes vice versa. When not writing, she takes long rambles through nature and paints. Where did your inspiration... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Bog Tour- Brandy Bonifas

Brandy Bonifas lives in Ohio with her husband and son. When she isn’t busy reining in her rambuctious preschooler, she spends late nights at her laptop working on her next story. Her speculative fiction spans several genres and her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in anthologies by Clarendon House Publications, Zombie Pirate Publishing, and now Pixie... Continue Reading →

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