Sea Glass Hearts Poetry Anthology LIVE

Sea Glass Hearts  by Stormy Island Publishing is #1 in 'New Releases' in the US! You'll find my poem "In Heaven" along with some amazing poets, including one of my favorites, Ashley Lambright, who I've featured here numerous times! ⭐️ eBook:⭐️ Paperback: : photo courtesy of Zoey Xolton

Call For Submissions: Poetry!

Stormy Island Publishing has decided to publish a 'sister book' to both Salty Tales and their current antho-in-progress, filled with poetry about love and the sea. This is an open ended call for submissions, open until they have enough accepted material to work with (aiming for around 100 poems). No word counts, it just needs... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Luke

The Bond I remember the first time I saw your face When we first met: A vision so clear. A day in my life I will always hold dear. More than the four minute mile, or the first man in space I can remember the time; remember the place. Our bodies unite when I hold... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Annee

Love Letters So let's write love letters to life on our fingertips So they'll be in everything we touch. We'll leave fingerprints on the seasons' lips; On the morning and dusk and moonlight, On every heart we hold, every memory. When we bleed, may we bleed sunsets And when we cry, spill tears of rose petals So... Continue Reading →

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