The Anura Incident

Vincent has put up with a lot in his sixteen years. He's turned out shy and awkward. But when all hell breaks loose, and people can't hold it together, he steps up and takes charge. The zombie apocalypse will expose people's true character. Purchase here

Bit Grim, Isn't It?: "Follow the rope. Close your eyes. Keep going forward."  A rope that goes on forever, a dark and sinister apartment block, a morally conflicted orc and a strange initiation on Halloween night are just some of the tales that await you in 'Bit Grim, Isn't It?' Macabre, funny, honest, strange, this... Continue Reading →

Losing Venice by Scott Stavrou

Surrounded by beauty, can you learn to live beautifully? Travel marketing specialist Mark Vandermar leads an itinerant life. Elsewhere is where he calls home, so it's no surprise when he's called to Venice to craft the Venice Tourism Council's new campaign to attract suddenly skittish American tourism. Falling in love with the colorful campos and... Continue Reading →

Deception by S.J. Cairns

The Soul Seer Chronicles Book 2 No Victory Comes Without Sacrifice. Sophie Saterlee never thought finding herself would be so difficult. Her discovery of the ancient power she possesses has drawn the attention of Loring, a Tainted sorcerer who seeks to use her talents for his own evil ends. Despite multiple failed attempts to kidnap... Continue Reading →

Joined: The Clans of Arcadia- Prequel

Before Karn lost everything, there was Elenora.  You are invited to join the clan Elohite at the handfasting ceremony of Karn and Elenora. Learn more about the mysterious woman who first held Karn's heart in her hands, and see what life was like in Bardai, before evil swept across the valley like a plague. Enjoy... Continue Reading →

Love Dust: A Sprinkling of Love Stories

Pixie Forest Publishing's new release will make you squee from cuteness, tear up from heartbreak, and sit on the edge of your seat in worry. You'll be taken into magical worlds with curses, modern world's with fairies, futuristic worlds with time travel, and so much more.  Twelve stories that center around love from authors around... Continue Reading →

Cocky-Tales Anthology-Available NOW

I"m published again! YAY!! My friend Erin Crocker put together this limited edition anthology as a way to help fight the whole #cockygate issue. Faleena even referred to Erin as a "Blood thirsty wolf" which I think is amazing.  See below for the book info and please share! ALL proceeds go towards the RWA.  Erin... Continue Reading →

To Be Read pt 8

Here are 12 more books that you should definitely check out! Though I haven't read them all, they all look like great books.    The Cursed Girl Sixteen-year-old Eva is a witch who lived in Spain, in the year 1230. She met a boy named Jonathan who would become her whole world. Everything was normal... Continue Reading →

To Be Read- Top Picks

I posted on my author page looking for more books recently. While I work on compiling books for that, I wish to share books that *I* personally suggest you read. (And review pleeease)  I have been struggling with a reading slump, so the majority of books I've read this last year have been WIP and I've beta'd. ... Continue Reading →

“After Dark” is Available Now!

What's waiting for you in the shadows? Ghosts, curses and creatures of the dark, these stories take you on a journey from the secret whisperings of the trees, to the torments of the subconscious mind. A  friend's book is only $2.99 right now! Check it and her links out below!  After Dark  purchase link Find... Continue Reading →

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