All Hallowed Tales Anthology- Oct 15th

Coming 10/15 on sale for .99 Sometimes the stories get it wrong. Not everyone fears the Monster under the bed. Some of us want to be grabbed by it. Join 20 of your favorite authors as they delve into the dark recesses of their minds to come up with stories to haunt your nights, and maybe... Continue Reading →

Fall Playdough

Play dough is so fun! There are so many ways to play and learn with it. It makes a great gift and works in goodie bags for parties too! H loves helping me make it. This past week we made some fall inspired batches and shared with a friend. We started with pumpkin spice play... Continue Reading →

DIY Spellbook

I love Halloween! It has always been one of my favorite holidays. This year I started party and decoration planning in mid-September. 😀 Pinterest is very handy for inspiration. (The link will take you to my boards)  These projects are used with things I had on hand, mostly, so they were fairly  cheap. The books I got... Continue Reading →

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