Dead Petals- Highly Recommend

A murdered little girl whispers in the night. What does she want? And what does she know?  Purchase Here Gary and Fiona’s lives are shattered by the abduction of their twelve-year-old daughter, possibly by the one they call The Goldilocks Killer. Crushed by guilt and remorse, Gary descends into a toxic spiral of drink and... Continue Reading →

A Haunting of Words: Only The Dead Go Free

The shower’s hiss behind me competes with the roaring inferno raging down the hallway. Breathless and without thought, I gaze with lifeless eyes into the bathroom mirror. This gore-drenched nightmare of a witch is no longer recognizable. What have I done? What was the lesson here? I never wanted this. Genre:  Horror / Rock fiction... Continue Reading →

Book Haul and Swag!

This week I got two new books in the mail! C.L. Williams sent his newest in thanks for my support (but I reality, it's mutual. He is one of the most supportive authors I've met) I'm excited to start it! Check him out on Facebook and Twitter I also ordered A Haunting of Words from... Continue Reading →

“After Dark” is Available Now!

What's waiting for you in the shadows? Ghosts, curses and creatures of the dark, these stories take you on a journey from the secret whisperings of the trees, to the torments of the subconscious mind. A  friend's book is only $2.99 right now! Check it and her links out below!  After Dark  purchase link Find... Continue Reading →

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