Christmas Revenge

The fire crackled in the wide, stone fireplace as Anthony stared out the window. Large, lazy flakes filled the air as late-December snow continued to fall.  The soles of his feet were almost too-warm as he stretched his legs out towards the flames. Keeping with holiday tradition, he had put up lights around the cabin’s... Continue Reading →

The Flotsam Heart

Something…something stirred him awake. Gears stuttered and clicked, causing the deep-sea fish who had burrowed into the coral attached to his exterior to flee. High above his dark, cold grave, it hummed and pulsed. He could feel it. His rusty eyes opened slowly and he followed its path as it slowly passed overhead. He needed... Continue Reading →


I shivered against the chill in the air, and recalled how the news talked about the Midwest being dumped on by snow. I huffed and settled a new grey blanket around my shoulders. “Here I thought Cali was cold in winter. Damn.” I settled on the sunken old could and tried to go to sleep,... Continue Reading →

Sova: The Owlman

The children all knew the rule: don’t cross the barrier between the playground and the old cemetery. If you did, Sova would get you.

Flash Fiction Contest Winner

Writing Bad hosted our first anniversary flash fiction contest and this was our winner! If you check out the group in the next week you'll find all of the submitted stories as well Writing Bad Group Find the story here: via Mention My Name at the Lucky Duck

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