Unicorn Meat 6

  “What happened to your kitty?” She asked. I saw Marie’s ears twitch and I hoped she would hold her tongue. Kitty. HA.

Unicorn Meat 4

“Okay. Well if you’re done snuggling with your shadows can we please go?” She looked around with a twitch of her ears. “I want to see the sun.”

Secondary Characters 

I was recently made admin of the Writing Bad facebook group. Through them I became a contributor to their writing help website. I just published my first article over there. Hop on over and learn about the importance of secondary characters in fiction writing!  Casting and Creating Unforgettable Secondary Characters  Writing Bad Facebook Group

Unicorn Meat Part 2

Marie launched herself at the Kilij with a viscous growl. Her claws ripped into his flesh without restraint and he cursed at her. He tried to hit her with his normal hand but she dodged, spinning her agile body around in order to grip either side of his arm with her front paws. She slid... Continue Reading →

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