Poetry by Sara

More beautiful poetry by Sara. Happy Pride month! I'm here if you ever need to talk or just need support. ❤ Follow Sara on social media for more pride month poetry Facebook IG

Poetry by Makenzie

Lost and Found She used to watch the stars Used to hold them in her hands Felt them dance and twirl Falling through her fingers like grains of sand They were alive for her, and her alone Of that, she had no doubt And she danced and laughed with carefree ease Until, one by one,... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Roy

There’s a Lighthouse Over Yonder By: Roy Bingham There’s a lighthouse over yonder. I can see it across the waves. It keeps sending out it’s message, Do not falter, just be brave.   For as long as you can see me, Across these troubled seas, I will be your guiding beacon, I will lead you... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Ashley

Spirit of the Season Christmas is upon us. Everyday it’s drawing near. Lights on trees and wreaths on doors. Holiday music is all I hear. The joyous spirit warms me, This season that’s all about giving. Reminds me to embrace Each moment I’m living. The days creep faster. Gone far too fast. My children will... Continue Reading →

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