Stormy Island Publishing’s Call for Submissions

(Sharing for my peeps over on the island) Cash in on those crazy holiday stories from your childhood (or blame it on an uncle, even if it was one too many eggnogs that had you acting a little loony last year!). Your story should be between 1,000 and 3,500 words and edited to the best... Continue Reading →

Christmas Revenge

The fire crackled in the wide, stone fireplace as Anthony stared out the window. Large, lazy flakes filled the air as late-December snow continued to fall.  The soles of his feet were almost too-warm as he stretched his legs out towards the flames. Keeping with holiday tradition, he had put up lights around the cabin’s... Continue Reading →

The Giving Christmas Gift- FREE BOOK

A short Christmas story that will tug at your heartstrings! Without Grandma Sharon, who was lost to cancer, and Jenny, who is away on deployment, Grandpa George struggles with making Christmas a joyous time for his six year old grandson, Johnny. A visit with Santa at The General Store brings hope to Johnny that this... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Ashley

Spirit of the Season Christmas is upon us. Everyday it’s drawing near. Lights on trees and wreaths on doors. Holiday music is all I hear. The joyous spirit warms me, This season that’s all about giving. Reminds me to embrace Each moment I’m living. The days creep faster. Gone far too fast. My children will... Continue Reading →

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