Poetry by Lindsey B.

Colors by Lindsey Brenton Lindsey Brenton is a poet/author who spends her free time writing new poems for her social media and upcoming books. She is ironically a woman of few words in person, but her poems give a lot of insight into who she is and how she feels. Facebook Amazon Author Page Instagram

Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews

Berry's Poetry Book Reviews provides free book reviews for modern poets so they may introduce themselves to a wider audience. 10% of all profits and donations go to a different non profit organization every year. This year, the combined efforts of patrons and readers will be benefiting Lambda Literary. Poetry lovers can read the book... Continue Reading →

Call For Submissions: Poetry!

Stormy Island Publishing has decided to publish a 'sister book' to both Salty Tales and their current antho-in-progress, filled with poetry about love and the sea. This is an open ended call for submissions, open until they have enough accepted material to work with (aiming for around 100 poems). No word counts, it just needs... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

My current favorite poem from Sara Sara is a published poet and author who has been writing since her teenage years. You can find more from her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sara A Mosier- author and poet  Instagram. Twitter

Poetry by Sara

Written for me while I was sick by my dear friend ❤ Sara is a published poet and short story author who has been writing since her teenage years. You can find more from her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in Love Dust and Salty Tales. Sara A Mosier- author and poet  Instagram. Twitter

Poetry by Annee

Free Fall Through Galaxies Sometimes I forget what falling feels like The stomach-drop of a plummet The panic of ground far too close Sometimes I forget what flying feels like The wings that allow me to float The free fall that is safe, and not really "falling" at all   And isn't it funny, that... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Annee

Where Have Your Colors Gone? Red are your lips, Velvet sheen Helium balloons tied with a curly white string Wrapped around your wrist to float you up to the freedom of empty space. Yellow are your sunshine eyes, Warm with flower buds and light. Gold is the color of your bright smile, An echo of laughter, A prism of... Continue Reading →

Poetry By Annee

No Romance in Suffering Don't feed me poetry about the way nerves sing when they burn, they don't: They scream. There is nothing pretty about pain, There is no romance in suffering Lonely is like cold water And drowning is not beautiful; Gulping thick expanses of salt and lake is not art, It is lungs filled with... Continue Reading →

Poetry By- Annee

Paper Lungs   Some writers say that, to them, writing is like breathing;   I'm really good at holding my breath; My chest swells Throat thick and heavy... Maybe I'm asthmatic-- Lungs creased and folded like a crumpled piece of paper They don't work well, but at least when they do, they're pretty; Origami Worthy... Continue Reading →

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