Author Interviews

I love author interviews! It’s so fun to talk about writing and my work with someone who WANTS to hear it 😉 Here are the ones I’ve done to-date listed by the interviewer’s name. All a little different, all really fun.

Michelle Emerson– A fun blog about business moms!

Lael Braday  and I met in Writing Bad and she featured me on my favorite holiday! Happy Halloween, spooks!

Fiona Mcvie – She is great to interview with if you have any amount of anxiety over it. She emails you the questions, you email them back, and she posts it. Then sends the live link! I emailed her this morning and now it’s live.

Laura Mae -She has some great questions and a unique take on the presentation of the interview and she actually conducts an interview via messenger or Twitter dm.

Ellwyn Autumn – Another with awesome questions, Ellwyn emails you the questions instead of conducting the interview.

Donise Sheppard – Super fun and thought provoking questions. A great interviewer!

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