That Curious Love of Green

The diary of an author and mother from the west of Ireland, this is an inspiring book for writers, nature lovers, and anyone trying to balance creative work with the challenges of everyday life…

That Curious Love of Green (4) (2)

Rich in the love of nature, family and art, each note builds on the next, giving a musical and surprisingly complete portrait of the author’s life.

Fans of the author’s novel Cailleach~Witch will recognise the unique style that is always somehow other-worldly, even in writing about daily life. With this book, Jane Gilheaney Barry reveals to us a little of the backdrop and secret magic of her writing world.’

Now available on Amazon…


JANE GILHEANEY BARRY is the Irish author and founder of That Curious Love of Green, a creative lifestyle brand that embodies her philosophy of creativity as a way of life.
She lives in north west Ireland with her husband Adrian and children, Saoirse and Sadhbh. Her eldest daughter, stylist Shaylyn Gilheaney, lives in Dublin.

Her first novel, Cailleach~Witch, was published in September 2018.
A modern gothic, mystery novel, with a strong sense of atmosphere and place. It tells the story of the mysterious Cleary women. A family of Bean Feasa, wise women who live on the local mountain, and are bound to a sprit of the land, the Cailleach.

Inspired by the landscape and ancient myths of Ireland, Jane worked on Cailleach~Witch for five years while rearing a young family and building a successful lifestyle and creativity blog. This new book offers a glimpse behind the scenes during that time.


CAILLEACH~WITCH IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. Meanwhile Jane is currently working on a prequel to CAILLEACH and two more titles under the banner of That Curious Love of Green. A cookbook and a title on creativity.

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