Margo Flint and the Last Soldier by Nick Mazmanian

 The world ended, but then it didn’t, and after a long time Margo Flint was born.

Margo is an unstoppable sixteen year old, and that is demonstrated when she defies an order set down by the 8 to keep her at home in Artsiv after she found an ancient map inside an abandoned library.
Wanting to redraw and update the map, she set out with her A.I companion. After narrowly avoiding the creatures living in The Cloud Sea she is shot down and crash lands. The valley she lands in holds secrets long forgotten, but will she be able to uncover them?

There’s also a giant robot, but I don’t want to jump ahead.

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Nick Mazmanian writes stories during his daughter’s naps and publishes them. He works on a wide variety of projects from books to podcasts. He also runs a laser cutter company that makes cute and useful items for your home and book nerd life with his wife.
Links of interest:
Other books:
Podcast:– This will link to the live podcast once it’s up.
Laser company website:

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