Book Review: Mortal Instruments 1-3

I read the first three books of the Mortal instruments series within a week after urging from multiple friends. I was told there is a natural break between 3 and 4 so I chose to stop after 3.

While I don’t hate them, I also don’t love them. I can see the appeal that many have but it just isn’t there for me.

I never started liking Clary, the main character. She is oblivious and selfish and her attitude just irks me. Luke, basically her step-dad, is by far my favorite of them all. I would definitely read stories about just him. The books are fat but quick reads, meaning there isn’t a lot you miss if you’re a fast reader.


The writing was okay but I found quite a few areas of “lazy writing” and skips where, as a reader, I didn’t want them. I did like the world and magical creatures and how different it is than some series I’ve read, but I don’t think I’ll reread any of these. I’m glad I finally crossed them off my TBR though!

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