Reader Interview: Jodie Robertson

I reached out to a handful of bookstagrammers that I follow to interview, and today we get to hear from the lovely Jodie!

Hi my name is Jodie, I am Australian Bookstagrammer. You can find me over on instagram as @readthewriteact and I co-own @readthebooktours

What book describes you best?

I don’t think there would be one that describes my life because it would be quite boring and no one would want to read it. Not even me 😂. My personality is probably a combination of Louisa Clark from Me Before You, the fierce mums from Big Little Lies and the Waverley Sister by Sarah Addison Allen. Love Sarah Addison Allen, her books are a great mix of magic in a contemporary fiction setting.


What is the very first book you read that really stuck with you? How old were you?

The first one that I read by myself that stick with me was probably the Faraway Tree, I can’t wait to read it to my kids when they are older. I was in year 4 or 5 at school so about 10 years old.


How many books do you usually read in a month? How do you pick what to read next?

Each month varies but normally between six and ten. I have a TBR pile that I try to get through each month. Included in the pile are books sent to me from publishers they normally have a time frame when they need to be read by so they get priority, then I supplement with whatever I feel like.


As a bookstagrammer, how long does it usually take to set up for a photo? Do you have a favorite that you’ve done?

That can vary so much! I do some really basic stacks with ribbon and they take a couple of minutes to set up. The more elaborate ones take up to half an hour. One of my favourite photos was when I made a card tower but with books. It took close to an hour to set up because it kept falling down.


What are your favorite genres to read?

YA (all sub genres), contemporary fiction, historical fiction, paranormal.


Would you like some book recommendations(with links) in a particular genre?



What’s something that really bugs you in books?

I am a bit over the girl who is “so ordinary” but has every male in the book swooning over her and has some sort amazing skill that she has never trained for. Oh and the absent parents in YA! Seriously, all parents are horrid or die.


What type of covers do you love? Which do you avoid and why?

I love covers with a punch of colour but are fairly basic on design. I do love gold pops though. I avoid ones with models on the cover or a scene, ones with a bad font or gloss covers if I can (it’s had to photograph gloss covers).


What book character would you like to sucker punch in the face? How come?

Dolores Umbridge. She is evil. Just pure evil.


If you could recommend us ONE book(or series), which would you pick?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Which characters in the book did you like best?

Jamie and Claire equally ❤️ Also young Ian and Lord John.


What other books by this author have you read? How did they compare to this book?

I have only read her Outlander series. Seriously read it. The books are super long but so worth it.


How many physical books do you own?

Some would argue too many, but those people are crazy. I currently own 625 fiction books. I have more reference texts etc. Oh and my 3 and 4 year old have over 500. I am trying to raise readers 😂

My boys (6 and 4) have a ton of books too. We cycle through them though, since I work in the preschool library and run a Little Free Library in the school. My eldest loves reading, which makes me so happy. His current favorites are weird fact books and Captain Underpants. My 4 year old likes to retell the stories based on the pictures. They make my bookish heart happy 



Do you generally read traditionally published or indie books? Is there a reason? How can we help get more indies on your radar?

I normally read those traditionally published, mainly due to accessibility in Australia. I don’t read ebooks and if something is published in US Amazon shipping to Australia is ridiculous.

I think that I would read more indie books too if the covers were a bit nicer. I know we shouldn’t judge book by their covers but I do and I think the cover on indie authors books can often let them down.


Do you prefer to shop in actual book stores or on Amazon?

Amazon is very average in Australia so I purchase my books from Book Depository and Booktopia. I sometimes purchase in store but I prefer online shopping.


Do you have any recommendations for IG account to follow besides your own?

Yes! @bookbookowl @paperfury @xenatine @elizabeth_sagan @james_trevino @bluestockingbookshelf @oasisgirlmd @meredith.mara @commasandampersands @jennastopreading there are so many! Just look at who I follow and pretty much just follow them all 😂.






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