Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews

Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews provides free book reviews for modern poets so they may introduce themselves to a wider audience.

10% of all profits and donations go to a different non profit organization every year. This year, the combined efforts of patrons and readers will be benefiting Lambda Literary.
Poetry lovers can read the book reviews and donate at
This is Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews second year in existence and I am very proud to say $20 has already been raised. So we’re 1/5 of the way toward the goal of raising $100 for Lambda Literary by the end of the year! Last year, my first year of this project, $40 was raised for The Garage Community and Youth Center of Kennett Square which as their Twitter bio aptly describes, is an “after-school program which empowers youth to become community leaders and to write the next best chapter of their lives.” So to have already raised half that amount at this point in time is really exciting!
Vocal.Media publishes my work and pays per click. So, if a reader is unable to donate they can simply read and share the reviews which not only helps raise money but also promotes the poet’s work!

Most importantly though – the poets I review are by NO MEANS required to donate anything. This is a service for them!

If any poets are interested in a free review of their books they can reach me here:

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