Author Interview: Marianne Reese

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Marianne Reese, a multi-published author and amazingly awesome human!

Share a favorite scene from your book! (Under 500 words please) Why do you like it so much?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but one of the first scenes I really got into was in the beginning of Skylar Moon when Nana Gazelle battles with the ruthless Xendor, Odin. It’s intense and brutal, and depicts the characters’ attributes. 51D1ZgXLOqL

With Odin’s back to her, Nana looked about for a weapon. The shattered pieces of glass from the mirror were too small to do any good. Near her feet she spied a spindle from the wooden rocking chair. It wasn’t much of a weapon, but it would have to do. She crouched down, grabbed the spindle, and with one quick, fluid movement, spun around and whacked Odin in the back of the head.

The force of the blow broke the spindle in half, and caused Odin’s head to slam forward into the wall with a sickening crack. Odin staggered backwards, nearly falling. Before he could regain his balance, Nana lunged at him stabbing him in the shoulder. Odin screamed out in pain as its jagged edges penetrated his flesh. Nana pulled back her weapon and struck again, catching him in the right cheek. Blood oozed from his wounds.

Odin flailed his arms, swatting Nana hard, sending her sailing across the room, onto the fallen door. Filled with rage, he pulled out his sword and barreled towards her. He was furious with himself. He knew better than to turn his back on Gazelle. It was no surprise that she still possessed the strength and agility that she had the last time he encountered her. The scar on his face was a constant reminder of their last encounter.

Nana Gazelle struggled to stand as Odin pointed the blade directly at her heart. She finally stood erect before him in defiance, with his sword poking her ribs.

Odin’s two sentries charged into the room stopping short, puzzled at the sight before them. They had been making such a racket destroying the upstairs that they did not hear the commotion downstairs. Their confusion dissipated when they saw the blood, and look on Odin’s face. It wasn’t hard to figure out that Gazelle must have attacked him.

Daring to speak, one of the men declared, “Neither the kids, nor the sword are here!”

A guttural scream erupted from deep within Odin as the fury that burned like boiling lava exploded. Unleashing his wrath upon Nana Gazelle, he plunged his sword into her chest, penetrating her heart.


Who is your absolute favorite original character? Why them?

My favorite character is Krug, the troll. He may be big and ugly on the outside, but he has a good heart and a is gentle soul, except to those who have wronged him. He speaks with a lisp, or rather a thick tongue.

He’s one of my favorites because I can relate to Krug’s personality.


How do you come up with character names? Does it differ between stories?

For “Skylar Moon”, I researched the meanings of names and named my characters according to their personalities and traits. Some names I made up, such as with the Gnomes of Girk, and most of the faeries.

In my other stories, if the character is human, I will often pick a name that is popular for the age group I’m writing for.


Where do you usually find the books you read? Book stores, thrift stores, or online? What genres do you like?

I mainly read books written by indie authors that I’ve met in my Facebook writing groups or Twitter. I like to support my fellow indie authors. I read almost all genres … almost. And, I always leave a review.

Tell us a little about where you’re located. Have you always lived there?

I’m originally from California, and recently moved to Nevada. It’s been an adjustment, particularly in regards to the weather. I’ve never lived where it’s snowed before!

Photo courtesy of Marianne

You have a Saturday morning completely to yourself. No chores, duties, kids, or other disturbances. How do you spend it?

When I’m completely by myself, I usually spend my time writing. I take mental health breaks and go for walks to clear my head. I always have my camera with me and take random shots of animals and nature that I use to make greeting cards and other products.

Do you have any dedications in your books? Who are they to and why?

Every book is dedicated to someone important that has made a difference in my life; my daughter, my granddaughters, my mom, and other family and close friends. “Skylar Moon” is dedicated to the readers — if someone takes the time to read my book, they deserve to be recognized, also.

baby gix
Photo courtesy of Marianne

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? What are your plans with them?

I have too many to count! Every time I come up with a story idea, I write out an outline and add it to my list of “To Be Written” stories. Sometimes my brain is like the super internet highway of story ideas. I will get to them eventually.


What authors do you think others should give a try? Why?

There are so many great indie authors out there that deserve recognition, it’s hard to pinpoint any one. My suggestion would be to read a couple of anthologies and to get a glimpse of the authors’ writing styles and see what you like. Three that I recommend are: “Magical Reality” by Pixie Forest Publishing; any of the “Of Words” anthologies by Scout Media; “Tales for the Tail End of a Wintry Day” by Bedtime4Dogs Writers.


I asked a dozen readers what they wanted to know about authors, and almost all of them replied “What inspired them to write their story?”  Care to share?

I’ve always wanted to write a story, but never had the time to dedicate to writing until I retired. I remember being asked what I wanted to do in my retirement. My answer was, “I want to write a book.” The person laughed at me and said, “You? Write a book … yeah, right.”

I didn’t let that person’s lack of confidence in me keep me from following my dreams. Rather, I spent six years working on my book in private, hiding it from everyone I knew. I finally published it and was pleasantly surprised by the accolades I received from my critics.

Follow your dreams. Opportunity shines for those who reach for the stars.



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Marianne Reese, lives in Nevada, and is a full-time retiree that dabbles in the realm of writing. She loves all things beautiful, golden retrievers, her family, sushi, and books. She lives an adventurous life, often traveling across country with her husband on their motorcycle. In 2012, the two earned the title ‘The Iron Butt Couple’ while on their 12-thousand mile motorcycle trip from California to New Foundland and back.



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