Reader Interview: Sara Kraus

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite teachers from high school. Read about her likes and dislikes, recommendations, and more!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Sara Kraus, originally from Kimberly, Wisconsin and a transplant to Nebraska.  I teach high school Math, Yearbook, Personal Finance, and I am the 7-12 Librarian.  I coach cross country and track. My husband is an Industrial Tech teacher who reads more than I get the chance to. My daughter is in college and my son is a high school sophomore.  My hobbies include gardening, running (or what some may refer to as jogging), and mangling Pinterest recipes/projects.  I don’t think anyone would be interested in my social media which is basically a digital scrapbook because I really hate real-life scrapbooking and organizing and I feel like my kids should have some memories to share with their kids some day.


How many books do you usually read in a month? How do you pick what to read next? 

I read about 3-4 books in a month. Sometimes I read books that I have ordered for the school library, but mostly I read on the recommendation of others.


What are your favorite genres to read?

Young Adult Fiction – it is usually relaxing and effortless and makes me glad to be an adult and over that stage of my life!  I also like true inspirational stories of human adversity.

ya book quotes about love love quotes from young adult books quotesgram

What’s something that really bugs you in books?

Open endings…I just read the whole book and never find out what happens???!!!  I could’ve just had a conversation with one of my kids if I didn’t want the full story about something.

What sets books above others and makes them stand out to you? 

I like books that give me a perspective other than my own.


What type of covers do you love? Which do you avoid and why?

  I’m a sucker for flashy covers.  Glitter is my favorite color!  I don’t avoid books because of the covers.


If you could recommend us ONE book, which would you pick? You can link to it if you’d like.

 Serioulsy…only one?  How about two? I was going to say three, but two is a GREAT compromise, in my opinion.  Well, ok, since “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir)” by Jenny Lawson is my latest favorite and is a New York Times Bestseller and already gets plenty of publicity, I will go with rising author Tricia Wentworth’s first book of her trilogy, “The Culling“.  She is a graduate of the school where I teach, so I’ll give her the shout-out.  I had a hard time keeping copies of this on the shelf in the library.

Tricia is a good friend of mine. Funny story! Tricia and I grew up in the same town (Where Sara currently teaches) a few years apart, but we didn’t meet until I found her online! Then found out we have mutual friends and now she’s stuck with me.  I’ve also beta read for her and she’s published in my first anthology, Love Dust. 


Which characters in the book did you like best?

While I don’t like the main character Reagan Scott, she is compelling. I am a fan of Henry, who was given a pretty raw deal, and I hope he seeks revenge in book two.

Book two, The Fracturing, is my favorite of the three. You can get all of them through THIS link 🙂


When Jenny Lawson was little, all she ever wanted was to fit in. That dream was cut short by her fantastically unbalanced father and a morbidly eccentric childhood. It did, however, open up an opportunity for Lawson to find the humor in the strange shame-spiral that is her life, and we are all the better for it. In the irreverent Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Lawson’s long-suffering husband and sweet daughter help her uncover the surprising discovery that the most terribly human moments—the ones we want to pretend never happened—are the very same moments that make us the people we are today. For every intellectual misfit who thought they were the only ones to think the things that Lawson dares to say out loud, this is a poignant and hysterical look at the dark, disturbing, yet wonderful moments of our lives.

Do you generally read traditionally published or indie books? Is there a reason? How can we help get more indies on your radar? 

I read mostly traditionally published books because my school account is through Amazon.  I teach Personal Finance, so I read library books…and the finance books my Dad just got me at Goodwill. 🙂  Can I put smiley faces in my answers?  Maybe I should read some etiquette books?

I use smiley faces a LOT. 😉 As a side note, a great deal of indie authors publish through Amazon. I know a lot of YA authors too. 


Do you prefer to shop in actual book stores or on Amazon?

Amazon…I don’t have to be around people I don’t know.


What is the very first book you read that really stuck with you?

How old were you?

In 5th grade I read “The Whipping Boy” by Sid Fleischman.  I couldn’t believe the injustice!



I hope you enjoyed the fourth reader interview! I am slowly getting more and more interviews ready to share. If you could take a moment to leave a like or comment, or even share, I would truly appreciate it. Let me know you’re seeing these! These posts automatically share to FB and Twitter too. Thank you all!


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