Quick Update

Howdy all! I just wanted to share a quick little update for those who hang around. I know I usually post more regularly than I have been, but these last couple weeks have been such a flustercluck. Issues with books, Amazon, kids, the weather, depression, and now the dreaded stomach bug has hit my house. Since Wednesday night (April 3rd) I’ve been out of commission from it. It’s still winning, and now both of my boys have it. Here’s hoping the husband doesn’t get it too.

I have our next reader interview all set and ready for tomorrow though, so yay! I am trying to get Thursday’s author interview ready but I’m not making promises. Speaking of those, if you have any questions you’d like to know from either readers or writers, please let me know! I am totally open to a wider variety than I have.

I don’t know much else right now, struggling to stay above water as it is. Thanks for reading! – JR

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  1. Hi! Hope you’re getting better. I’ve been the same with my blog recently – life, health issues and work taking up all my time. Sending good thoughts from NZ.

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