Reader Interview: Becky Camp

Today I’m sharing a recent interview with the lovely Becky Camp. She’s a mother of three and reader of mysteries, thrillers, sic-fi, and fantasy!

How many books do you usually read in a month?

It depends on the month but I would say usually 1 a month.

What are your favorite genres to read?

I like to read mystery, thriller, sic-fi, fantasy and some young adult fiction.

Would you like some book recommendations(with links) in a particular genre?

Sure, I would like book recommendations in any of my favorite genres.

~~If your book fits into any of these, please leave your link in the comments! ~~


What’s something that really bugs you in books?

When there are almost too many details. I understand the need to set the background or scene but at times it feels like the story is getting lost in all of the extra details.

What sets books above others and makes them stand out to you?

I like when a book is a combination of genres. It has a bit of all the things I like, that tends to hold my attention. Something that feels impossible but there is an air of the possible.

What type of covers do you love? Which do you avoid and why?

That’s a good question… Simple yet something that can almost tell you what the book is about. I tend to avoid covers that are too “busy”, too much visually for me to look at.

If you could recommend us ONE book, which would you pick? You can link to it if you’d like.

(Besides Harry Potter…) I would recommend anything by James Rollins, Map of Bones is a good one to start in the Sigma Force series


Which characters in the book did you like best?

I liked Grayson Pierce and the “off” character Seichan

What other books by this author have you read? How did they compare to this book?

I have also read Black Order, The Judas Strain, The Last Oracle and many more! This book sets up the whole series and what Sigma Force does to keep people safe.

Do you prefer to shop in actual book stores or on Amazon?

I am old school and prefer an actual book store but there aren’t many left out there. So I tend to stick to what I know when shopping online.

Do you generally read traditionally published or indie books? Is there a reason?

Generally I read traditionally published but I will read indie books. It’s mainly been because of the limited access or knowledge of indie books that are available.

~~How can we fix this, ya’ll? We need our books out there!~~

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