Poetry by Annee

Free Fall Through Galaxies

Sometimes I forget what falling feels like

The stomach-drop of a plummet

The panic of ground far too close

Sometimes I forget what flying feels like

The wings that allow me to float

The free fall that is safe, and not really “falling” at all


And isn’t it funny, that even now, I can’t tell the difference


I have a universe trapped inside me;

Galaxies straining to break free

To pour through the cracks of my skin onto the page,

Filling it with worlds that only I understand

Under a sea of stars of my own creation.


Annee Clark is a seventeen-year-old aspiring author who also enjoys acting in theater as well as singing and playing her ukulele. She began writing as a young child, starting with short stories, and is now working on a fantasy novel reimagining the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood called Red as well as a poetry book which will (likely) be called Freckles and Constellations.

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