Magical Reality is Available NOW!

“Link?” Jo’s whimper drowned out every other sound in the dark cave around them. Lincoln turned to find her peering down at the puddle he had just jumped across as something slithered by and broke the surface with a spiny fin. He met her gaze and reached out his unencumbered hand, making sure the spell book was held firmly in his other.

“Just jump, I’ll catch you.” His voice bounced off the damp walls and he tensed.

She gave him a look of uncertainty but backed up several steps before tightening the bag on her shoulder. From behind her, Sol hissed at the creeping darkness on either side of the tunnel they had just came from. Lincoln could see the panic beginning to rise in her features and held her gaze.

“I’ll catch you, Joice,” he assured in a steady voice as he increased the golden light in the diamond that was floating above his head like a Sims beacon. She glanced at it and took a steadying breath, then ran.

The surface tension of the seemingly shallow puddle broke as her sneakers cleared the water.

Pixie Forest Publishing’s second anthology is live! Read my short story “Heir” along with 12 more stories of modern magic.



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