Poetry by Annee

Where Have Your Colors Gone?

Red are your lips,
Velvet sheen
Helium balloons tied with a curly white string
Wrapped around your wrist to float you up to the freedom of empty space.
Yellow are your sunshine eyes,
Warm with flower buds and light.
Gold is the color of your bright smile,
An echo of laughter,
A prism of your diary entries
Tattooed in your eyelids to filter the light in your eyes.
Blue is your voice,
Sky stretched vocal chords that command the rain and thunder,
The beauty of storm that comes alive when you speak;
Whisper or song, bluebells blossom when they hear it.
Gray…is your reflection.
Mirror of glass, ripple of water, you can spot her in the window pane;
It is the smoke caught in your lungs,
Drinking the color from your ecstasy.
Darling, you were a painting.
Acrylics smeared on your clothes and cheekbones
And vibrantly, you shone:
A rainbow of dance.
Where have your colors gone?
Velvet sheen lips and sunshine eyes, golden laughter and voice of the skies, where have you gone?
Come home and paint again.


Annee Clark is a seventeen-year-old aspiring author who also enjoys acting in theater as well as singing and playing her ukulele. She began writing as a young child, starting with short stories, and is now working on a fantasy novel reimagining the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood called Red as well as a poetry book which will (likely) be called Freckles and Constellations.

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