Salty Tales Teaser: Summer Dilemma

I have an upcoming release, well two, in March. The first that’s coming out is Salty Tales by Stormy Island Publishing, run by one of my best friends. I will be sharing the teasers and author info, along with preorder link, up until the release date on March 1st. Feel free to share and check everyone out!

Pre-order here


Sara Mosier is a Lincoln Native, and a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska where she received a BA in English/Creative Writing. Her writing focus is fiction and poetry of which she enjoys typing out on an old 1950’s Smith-Corona typewriter. She also photographs images to couple with her poetry. One of her favorite subjects to photograph are abandoned homes in the state of Nebraska. They embody a subject of loss and beauty. She has been published several times in Laurus Magazine for poetry and won first place in 2015 for her photography. Her latest achievement was winning the 75th Anniversary Contest at the University of Nebraska Press where a collection of her poetry was published in ‘Nebraska Voices’. Recently her poetry was published in the Cocky Tales anthology.

Her short story ‘Sparkling Human Conundrum’, a tale about a merman coming to land for the first time, is also available in the Love Dust anthology thanks to Pixie Forest Publishing



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