Salty Tales Teaser: Life Choices

I have an upcoming release, well two, in March. The first that’s coming out is Salty Tales by Stormy Island Publishing, run by one of my best friends. I will be sharing the teasers and author info, along with preorder link, up until the release date on March 1st. Feel free to share and check everyone out!

Pre-order here



Rich Rurshell is a short story writer from Suffolk, England. Having been fascinated with monsters and the horror genre from a young age, horror makes up a majority his work, usually involving monsters of some kind, whether it be of the beast variety, or the (in)human kind.

His stories have been included in anthologies by Zombie Pirate Publishing and Clarendon House, in the fantasy magazine Stealing Sailors, and in online publications such as Jakob’s Horror Box, Dastaan World, and CafeLit.

When not writing, Rich enjoys playing guitar, bass, or singing in various bands.


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