Ain’t Nothin’ But The Devil

Nothing about my life is as it seems. From the inside out it looks perfect, like a real-life fairy tale. But the truth is…it’s not.

Being married to a billionaire is not a one-way ticket to happiness like most people would think. Behind closed doors and away from the limelight he’s not the man he pretends to be.

My marriage is failing. My heart is nothing but broken pieces of pain and disappointment. My mind has become the battlefield of the war between me and the depression threatening to end my life.

I knew this day would come—the day I stood on the ledge, every fiber of my being urging me to jump. To end it all.

But there’s this tiny flicker of hope that’s keeping me from taking that fatal leap. His name is Adrian…and he’s my brother-in-law.

Aint Nothing but the Devil Front.jpg

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Aint Nothing but the Devil Teaser 3.png


It was my second grade teacher who told my mother, “She’s going to be an author one day.”

I was eight years old, and that encouragement has never left me. Now, here I am, twenty-two years later, publishing my first novel. Writing has always been a part of me, and my characters are incredibly real parts of my life. My work is a blend of genres, but a good love story will always be at the heart of every tale.

When I am not writing, my life is full being a wife, mother to two young children, and a teacher.

Let’s connect! I’d love to talk to you!



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