Between Worlds

Do you believe in faeries? Alexis does, but not instinctively. She prefers a logical explanation for her friend Molly’s disappearance. But after coming up with only dead ends, she wonders if the impossible could be possible.

Is Molly lost in the Faery Realm? Determined to find her friend, Alexis makes a deal with one of the fae to bring her into the Faery Realm. But it is dangerous, and if Alexis isn’t careful, Molly won’t be the only one who needs saving.


“An appealing series opener that promises more romance and fae intrigue to come.”-Kirkus Reviews

“This was great. I really connected with the MC and the story was intriguing and captivating. I loved how real and different all the characters were and I was satsfied with the ending, but still left with wanting more of the story. I enjoy all the small details that really bring the characters to life. 5 stars.” – Jensen Reed

Jennifer lives with two cats, one on loan for many months–the subscription keeps getting renewed. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, and is studying for her Master’s in Library and Information Science at Wayne State University. She wrote her first novel at twelve years old, which–along with several other projects–will probably never again see the light of day. Her interest in faeries began with O.R. Melling’s The Hunter’s Moon at the tender age of thirteen. Along with short stories and other projects, Jennifer is working on the third installment of the Faery Realm series, Beautiful Worlds, which will introduce a new main character. When Jennifer is not writing, she travels the country in search of used bookstores.

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