A Sorry Affair

Jen and Mack are the perfect couple; meeting at university, moving in together and engaged to be married. Then, one day, Abbi turns up on their doorstep and throws a huge spanner in the works of their seemingly well-oiled relationship. On that day, Mack’s life is turned upside down and it seems there’s no way back.

Resigned to the fact that the relationship is over and Jen is selling the house, Mack is forced to go back home and live with his parents. He comes to blows with his father, who was close friends with Jen’s father, and emotions run high when past hurts are revisited. Despite several letters from Mack, years pass without any word from Jen. The reader is left in suspense, wondering if it really is the end for Jen and Mack.

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A Sorry Affair is a contemporary romance set in Edinburgh.

Kirsten was born and lives in Scotland with her husband, two young children and the usual array of pets which no one seems to pay any attention to anymore apart from her!
She published her first novel, A Sorry Affair in June 2017 and has been working on four other novels, a short story and a children’s collection of stories ever since. She is hoping to submit these for publication this year, once she finishes editing and re-editing.
It was never her ambition to be an author, having studied science at Edinburgh University when dungarees were in fashion and Dexy’s Midnight Runners could still cut it with the young ones, but she describes always having stories buzzing around in her head. Eventually, one day, finding herself in the unusual position of having time on her hands, she started writing.

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