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Philip Rutkowski, a son of a Polish immigrant, “enjoys” all the
benefits of big city life—a boring, routine office job, the everyday
long commute, a massive mortgage, and rare nights out with a few
Everything changes for Philip, when his colleague and best friend,
David Zilberschlag, gives him a vintage mirror to help his friend to
decorate his newly-bought apartment. The mirror belonged to
David’s deceased granddad, a Holocaust’s survivor, who believed
that the mirror hides some dark secrets from the past.
Both friends don’t believe in old man’s “fairy tales”, but when Philip
continues to see visions of a German SS-officer in the mirror who
tries to talk to him, he has nothing to do, but to try to find the
answers to the questions he doesn’t know.
The investigation leads the two friends to a tiny town of San
Augustine del Agua, hidden deeply in the woods of Misiones
Province (Argentina). There, they meet Claudia Alvarez and her
friendly grandparents, the proud members of a huge German
Eager to find out the truth behind the mirror, lost in the woods full
of evil and possessed by his visions, Philip slides deeply into
madness. When Claudia does everything to help him, her own life
starts to crumble, revealing secrets that her family prefers to hide,
whereas David is more concerned about his own benefits.
It seems this time evil is about to win…

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L. Salt is an emerging, multi-genre writer from the UK. She studied History of World
Culture and did Master’s Degree in Art Expertise at the St. Petersburg University of
Culture and Arts.

She was born in Belarus and has lived for many years in Ukraine and Russia, then
finally settled down in the North of England, where she currently lives with her husband. L’s interest in writing dates back to her teenage years. Apart from creative writing, she has a passion for travelling, arts, history, and foreign languages.

Her debut novella “His Personal Reich” was release in April 2018 by Crazy Ink
Publication. Her novel “The Ways We Follow”, a futuristic urban drama was released on in May 2018 by Wild Dreams Publishing. Her second novella, a thriller/mystery story
“Legacy of the Iron Eagle” will come out 24 th February. Her short stories appeared in
different anthologies and magazines, both on-line and in print.

Media links:

Facebook author’s page
Amazon author’s page
E-mail: saltandnovels@gmail.com
Facebook group

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  1. Sounds like something I’d write. I have a bunch of what I call “Dark Mirror” stories on my blog where the mirror not only shows a person the pass, but acts as a gateway. One of these days, I’ll gather them all together, polish them, and stuff them in an anthology, assuming anyone would want to buy it.

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  2. Reblogged this on SaltandNovels and commented:
    Thank you, Jensen, for hosting my upcoming release.

    Everybody here needs to check out this blog. Jensen is an amazing blogger and an extremely talented author. I “met” her when our short stories appeared in Full Metal Horror Anthology last year.

    Liked by 1 person

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