The Awakening by M.A. Robbins

A deadly secret lies hidden beneath the arctic tundra, but now the ground is thawing…and the dead are rising…

Jen Reed joins her retired archaeologist father in remote Alaska, hoping to re-establish a long-missing relationship. But when the thawing permafrost outside a village reveals the burial ground of a 19th-century whaling crew, Jen and her father fail to heed the warning of village elders and begin removing bodies for study.

As the bodies thaw, they begin to move. To rise. To feed.

Communications are cut off and a deadly storm is bearing down on them. Can Jen find a way to save her father, survive the zombie onslaught, and warn the outside world of the coming plague before it’s too late?

The Awakening is the first book in the Zombie Uprising series. If you like heart-pounding action, hordes of undead, and a kick-ass heroine, you’ll love The Awakening.

Buy The Awakening now and be instantly transported into a deadly struggle to survive the zombie horde.

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M.A. Robbins is the author of The Zombie Uprising and The Tilt post-apocalyptic action series. A longtime Alaskan, he lives in Anchorage with his wife, Debbie, and their Chocolate Lab, TBone. He has a taste for unique characters, twisting plots, and homemade clam chowder.

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