She Wore Black: The Alexis Chronicles Book One

GreyBrook came for the women. Now, one is fighting back

Reed Taylor is not the demure girl her father tried to force her to be. She is defiant, opinionated and a danger to herself. Or, so the city of GreyBrook asserts, where merely being a woman is a daily hazard.

After a brutal abduction and assault, Reed turns to the Book of Prophecies, from those who came before GreyBrook. She seek the Woman in Black spoken on within the Prophecies years ago, destine to save GreyBrook. She could be GreyBrook’s, and Reed’s, only hope.

Will the Woman in Black be found in time to save GreyBrook from itself, or has she been there all along?


JL Park is a 36yr old mother of 2, from beautiful New Zealand/Aotearoa in the Southern Hemisphere. When she’s not working as an RN, she can be found playing with her children in the sun, or immersed in the worlds of her writing. She has 15/16 tattoos, a number of these being literary quotes – “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”, and “If, by my life or death, I can protect you, I will” just to name a few, with plans for more.

She Wore Black is JL’s first novel, and the first in The Alexis Chronicles. Book Two, currently tentatively titled Black Phoenix Rising, is half written and will hopefully be out later in 2019!

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