Ins and Outs of MeWe

So I stumbled on the MeWe social media platform earlier this week and I’m trying to find my way, ha. 

Honestly, it’s confusing to start out. The phone app is a little easier to use than the browser, in my opinion. The main focus is groups and chat rooms, and you can “emoji” posts but you can choose from ALL of the emojis, which I really like.

Here is some general info on it from the makers:

You can have chats for the groups or private ones. MeWe doesn’t censor like Facebook does, which seems to be a big draw for a lot of people. They are very pro-privacy. All of the ads I’ve seen are anti-Facebook.  There are a ton of groups but I haven’t seen very many original cover photos.

You can add people to see your feed and interact that way too. It’s basically a Facebook wall, but much less censoring. 

It’s been around for at least a couple years at least. I have been told to find groups based on your interests and interacting there. I wanted a group for promoting the various anthologies I’m in but only three came up, and none were general promo groups. Soooo I made my own!

If you want to, come join me!  I hope to promote engagement instead of simple link dropping, because we all know how poorly link spams work for authors.

Anthology Promotions on MeWe:

If you’re a member already, add me!  If not, I suggest checking it out.  It could be the next big thing, but who knows? 


Interested in any of my other groups? Join below: 

Writing Bad – writing help, feedback, and support. Prompts and tips and writing games. No promotion at all. Not even shares from your website or page. 

Writing Bad Promotions – Strictly promotion. Runs on a schedule and no “like for like” spam posts. New threads every day for connecting. A big push for engagement. 

Never-Ending NaNo Member-led writing sprints 


Pixie Forest Pub Groupies  – A great way to stay up-to-date on all things Pixie Forest Publishing. First chance at anthologies, swag, and more. 


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