Chaos Cypher: Restitution Erebus

The Novus – a wasteland stripped bare by rogue nano-machines and stalked by enhanced cyber-mercenaries known infamously as The Blue Lycans. In this volatile place, a small city flourishes tenuously on the periphery; Cerise Timbers. The anarchists have found solidarity and cooperation to be their main asset to survival, but when young Leif is exposed to deadly nanomes, their solidarity is tested. Growing suspicion mounts as some believe Leif is one of the enemy Blue Lycan. Rejected, Leif is conflicted, unsure if the nanomes in his body will be a threat to his community and those he loves. As their conflict endures, a Novus weapons dealer sees potential in Leif and seeks to utilise the boy for his own acquisitive ends. Yet, despite the worldly troubles of the exo-sims, a mad-man plots to destabilize the powers of this precarious planet; Malik Serat holds a code that maps time and space. The greatest minds of this century failed to recognize his sacrifice. Now, the Titans of the Atominii cyber-states will witness the great cost of their ignorance…

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