Trouble with Howlers

(The Amazing and Ludicrous Adventures of Doctor Antonio Book 1)

In the dark, damp canopy of the South American rainforest lives a psychiatrist named Antonio Agular Frigiliana Ribaldio Valdicarzana, otherwise known as Dr. Antonio. In addition to being a professional, level-headed psychologist, Dr. Antonio is also a talking Capuchin monkey, who is finally finished with the dampness of the rainforest and departs to find a new, sunnier home. 


Costa Rica seems a great fit for Antonio, but it’s not without its own animals in need of Antonio’s professional assistance. The doctor’s band of new patients turned traveling friends grows to ludicrous proportions in his search for the perfect new home, which he finds and purchases from an old sloth in exchange for a rare bottle of fingernail polish.

Dr. Antonio’s new neighbors, consisting of sloths, motor-propelled bush babies, and a chronic liar of a fruit bat scientist, waste little time in explaining the terrors of the area as of late. A gang of howler monkeys, complete with gang paraphernalia and ear-splitting, badly written rap songs, have been terrorizing the forest and driving the inhabitants away. Antonio and his friends simply won’t stand for such hooliganism, and through laughable contraptions, heinous plans, and attempts to save their captured comrades, the real adventure begins when they have to stop the trouble with howlers and the mastermind behind it all, Imperial Big.

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Robert Mackey is a retired construction worker and real estate investor turned writer. Robert’s works intended for the mg/ya age groups are free of sex, killing and profanity. His works for adult audiences can’t even begin to make this claim.

Robert currently resides near the megalopolis of Addy, Washington, a hamlet working desperately to attain the coveted ‘One Horse’ status. So far all they have is those stick ponies you know, the stick with the little plastic head at the end that you hold between your legs and run around playing cowboy? Actually, half the people in town have those and the other half have stick cows. Every spring the people with the ponies round up the people with the cows and chase them into the hills to pasture for the summer. It’s pretty quiet around town in the summer. (Got a little sidetracked there.)

Robert lives there with his lovely wife Janice and his teenage son Joshua who has a vocabulary consisting of two sentences which Joshua feels are sufficient to get him through the balance of his life. They are as follows, “Huh?” and “I don’t know.” In case you have any toddlers and are trying to teach them to speak, these few words should be all they need to master in order to make it through high school. These sentences must always be used in conjunction with one another and in the order in which they’ve been presented.

Robert lives by the following adage: No matter how many heads have to roll in the attainment of you goals, be certain to smile and wave at them as they pass. It’s best to do your beheading on a hill with your opponent uphill from you to insure the head actually rolls and to prolong the amount of time you get to smile and wave. (Very important.)

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