The Legacy by Frank Montellano

“Hurry Reynard! It’s poor Anna. She’s fallen into the lake!”
On a frightening winter evening, three witches chase after their
eldest sister Anna. Reynard the Hunter dives into the frigid waters in
a vain attempt to rescue her, but the hole ices over. Anna and her
would-be rescuer are gone.
The Legacy Cover
Family members, including Anna’s lost son August, return home for the
wake, only to find a power struggle rages among the sisters, both
living and … dead? Power in this family of witches and warlocks is
handed down, but if neither Beth nor August received Anna’s legacy,
where did it go? Is the old witch truly dead or did she have some
witchcrafty tricks up her sleeves?

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Frank Montellano has worked (in no particular order) as a movie
projectionist, travelling stuffed animal salesman, sailor, aircraft
electrician, teacher, KMart employee, vice-principal, and media
specialist. He is also a veteran, retired from the U.S. Navy after 24
years of service. He is married, living in Louisiana, and has four

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