Pride and Passion by Kendall Bartels

Pride and Passion, a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s classicPride and Prejudice, is Kendall Bartels’ debut romance novel. Centered on a brilliant graduate student and her complicated relationship with her brooding neighbor (who also happens to be her academic advisor), this England-set romance is a fun, sexy page-turner with plenty of homages to Austen’s masterpiece included.

    Starting graduate school on campus of Pemberley University, Jenna Stone is looking to make something with her life by pursuing her passion for writing. Heading back to university, Jenna was prepared for an abundance of homework, a less-than-satisfactory living situation, and to be far from her sweet sister Anne. What she did not expect was to make fast enemies with the man across the hall, Frederick Knight, or for him to be assigned as her academic advisor on campus for the year…or to fall in lust with him! Both Jenna and Frederick are aware of the risque and scandalous circumstances of their affair, but their desire for one another conquers even his noble motives.

    A fun, flirty page-turner with enough steamy romance to raise Ms. Austen’s eyebrows, Pride and Passion is not to be missed!

PP cover


Find more from the author here

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