Quest: The Clans of Arcadia

Darkness has fallen on Arcadia. Yet, Karn Elohite stands strong. He leads his beloved Lilia, clansman Ian, and dragon Aslaug on a quest through Langerhorn to unleash the power of the dragon riders. Langerhorn, the ancestral home of the gods, is home of ancient dragons, faeries, and elves. Will the trio survive their quest, and... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Blog Tour- Donise Sheppard

Donise Sheppard is co-owner of Pixie Forest Publishing and a fiction writer born in Ohio, but residing in Southern West Virginia with her husband and four children. She has six self-published novels on Amazon and six other short stories published in anthologies and a magazine. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, baking, or chasing her... Continue Reading →

Ragis by Donna Migliaccio

Kristan Gemeta is teetering on the brink of madness. His sister Melissa has defied him. His friend Olaf has betrayed him. The Wichelord Daazna’s ghostly laughter mocks him when he’s awake and robs him of his sleep at night. Even the protective powers of his legendary Stone are turning against him. And now his companions,... Continue Reading →

Lily Barlow by Carla Vergot Preorder

Lily Barlow, a quirky college student obsessed with the fictional bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is called home from the University of Virginia to get the family bakery running after her dad's heart attack. Lily rents a garage efficiency from Miss Delphine Walker, an old woman who Lily begins to believe may have killed someone. Meanwhile,... Continue Reading →

Love Dust Blog Tour- Barbara Ristine

 Barbara Ristine used to be an attorney, but she changed professional hats several times before she settled down to be a writer. Originally from New York, she moved through several states before landing in Reno, NV, where she lives with her family. She's a graduate of St. John's University (B.A.) and the College of William... Continue Reading →

Remnant: The Clans of Arcadia Book 1

With one dark spell, life in Arcadia changes in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, Karn had it all. Today he has nothing. No longer able to watch from the sidelines, the goddess Lorna reclaims her champion, Karn Elohite, as her chosen warrior. The second son of a battle-hardened chieftain, Karn Elohite, was content to... Continue Reading →

Dear Devon

The pristine paper trembled in Devon’s dirty hands. He struggled to grasp the letter with fingers that refused to respond. All he could focus on were the last two sentences of neat, tidy script that covered the sheet. His eyes burned painfully, but he couldn’t blink to release the building tears. How could she? It... Continue Reading →

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