Lily Barlow by Carla Vergot Preorder

Lily Barlow, a quirky college student obsessed
with the fictional bounty hunter Stephanie Plum
is called home from the University of Virginia to
get the family bakery running after her dad’s heart attack.

unnamed (1)

Lily rents a garage efficiency from
Miss Delphine Walker, an old woman who Lily
begins to believe may have killed someone.
Meanwhile, she discovers an online clearing
house for murder victims the cops can’t identify,
and she’s convinced she knows someone listed on the website.

Oh, and Jack Turner, her best friend since
kindergarten, reveals that he wants something more than friendship.


Carla Vergot has been writing this book (albeit, in
her head) since her undergraduate days at North
Carolina State University. From there, without
writing a word of the story, she worked in
fundraising, got a master’s at George Mason
University, taught special education for several
years, and finally, after all this time wrote a book.

For fun, she and her husband drive Jeeps off
road, camp, and grow organic vegetables. They
have two dogs, Booker and Marble, who keep
things interesting. Carla suffers from TMA
(Toasted Marshmallow Addiction), and she
heads up a spider relocation program, meaning
she habitually moves spiders and other bugs out of harm’s way.

Follow her on her website and Facebook


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