The Cumberland Tale

As a child and adolescent, we all have memories that are imprinted in our minds. The tales within this book, germinated from a few scattered images, grew to include aspects of magic realism and reality. Thus it is a work of fiction. I remember the old Chinatown, the characters and the feel of the Cumberland that was, and, I suppose, like all adults, we have a nostalgia for the old days. It was my intention to give the town, as a whole, a voice, and for the reader to come out with a feel for the old days of Cumberland, which, I realize, is not that old because her history goes back much farther than these pages portray. There are many more stories, untold, but these few were, and are, felt by this writer.


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Frank lives and writes out of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. He enjoys writing poetry and prose and often combines the two with a poem that precedes each story or chapter. He thinks that the addition of poetry adds another connotation for the readers to interpret the book. His biggest influences in terms of writing are David Carpenter, John Keats, and William Blake. Quotes that keep him engaged with writing from each of the above authors respectively are: “Write your guts out!”; “That which is creative, must itself create.” and “My job is not to reason and compare, my job is to create.” You can visit Frank’s website at 

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