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Jensen Reed is a published author, co-owner of Pixie Forest Publishing, and mother to two young boys. She dabbles in writing and reading genres, but is working towards publishing the first novel in her zombie apocalypse series. You can find more from her at and on



  1. Where did your inspiration for your story come from? 

I think it was a song.  I wrote a draft then went over it and sent it to one of my betas. She loved it but suggested Janna falls for Mark, not Milo. I actually loved the idea so I changed it to fit.

  1. Who is your favorite character in this story and why? 

I really like Mark. He is super sweet and funny. I like that he weaves his own interests and personal life into the Pubb and has such an easy relationship with Janna.

  1. When you aren’t writing, where can we find you? 

Chasing my two boys who are 5 and 3. We do a lot of park trips and crafts. Lego is really big for them right now. I recently put together my Harry Potter Hogwarts castles and a Fantastic Beasts set. They love it.  I also love spending time with my husband. We usually have snacks and movie nights or binge watch shows.

  1. What author has influenced you the most? 

Writing-wise, I don’t know. But Clive Cussler’s book “Inca Gold” is what really got me started reading and sucked me into books. So without him I don’t think I would be where I am today.

  1. Where do you write? Is there a special place? Share a picture if you wish.

I am usually in my recliner or on our couch by the window. The backyard is all trees and wildlife so it’s nice to watch.

  1. Do you consider reading as part of your job as a writer? Why or why not?

I believe all writers need to read in order to write well. Not necessarily fiction, but how-to articles and to learn. Plus it’s proven to reduce stress and it’s just good for you.

  1. Other than family, what are five things you cannot live without? I’m counting the cat as family.

  1. My tribe. My friends are always there for me and I love them. 2. Caffeine. I like Blueberry Cobbler Coffee.  3. Music. It’s relaxing, inspiring, motivational, and stress relieving. 4. Sunshine/Rain. I need both. I’m not a fan of winter. 5. Nature. It’s magnificent, calming, scary, and beautiful. I need to have it around me.


  1. What is your all-time favorite TV show?

Uhh that’s like asking a writer to pick ONE book as their favorite. The shows I like all vary so much and are great for their own reasons. Supernatural, all the Stargate shows, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Heartland, Doctor Who, Orange is the New Black, The Office, Parks and Rec.Daredevil. The Punisher. There are too many.

  1. Not picking your own, which story in Love Dust is your favorite?

My top two are Fairy Garden and Sugar and Ink.

  1. If you could meet one writer in the history of the world, who would it be?What would you talk about? 

I think it would be cool to meet Robert Jordan. I would probably just talk about his books because I can’t imagine anything I write would interest him haha

  1. What are you working on now?

The Refuge Series. It’s the zombie apocalypse series I’ve been working on for like 5 years. It centers around Lucky, a decisive leader who strives to keep his family safe and Mack, a quick learner who struggles with severe anxiety. There will be four books in total. I am editing book, Ranch, and writing book two, Recourse.

  1. Where can we find more about you and your work?

I have stories in five anthologies. I’m active on my Facebook pages, Instagram, and my groups. You can read some of my flash fiction and find book links on my blog.

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  1. Jensen, I didn’t think I’d ever meet another blueberry cobbler coffee fan (other than me and my daughter). People make faces at it, but it’s DELICIOUS! (And watch episodes of SG-1 and SGA every day. I’m a huge fan.)

    Nice to get to know you better. Best wishes with your work!

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