Provenance (Praetorian Saga Book 1)

When Bree Warren goes out for a night on the town with her best friend, she never expects to run into the man she’s dreamt of for the past ten years. The nightmare has haunted her sleep for so long. The startled look of recognition in the stranger’s eyes is even more unexpected.

What happens next will throw these two people together in ways they never imagined. Suddenly, they’re both targets, hiding from a mysterious group bent on killing them and thrown into a war between two centuries-old factions. The more they learn, the more questions they have. Neither of them asked for this, but fate seems to have other plans for them. The only way to survive is together.


As a kid, Mary M. Wallace always preferred books to people. They were much easier to relate to and they couldn’t sense her awkward shyness. She eventually outgrew the shyness, if not the awkwardness. To her own shock, she became a bit of an extrovert. She knows she talks too much, but she can’t seem to control it. She’s given up finding the filter that other people seem to have. Most days, she’d still rather read than deal with people, but she loves lively conversations and people who make her laugh.

Mom to three growing dudes and married to her high school sweetheart, Mary lives on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She has a couple of fat lapdogs who think they’re guard dogs. (They aren’t.) Being married to a Navy veteran instilled in Mary a love for her country, the ocean, artful swearing and good tattoos. She’s a serial crafter who will try just about any new craft from Origami to knitting. She recently became obsessed with fore-edge fresco, although she’s terrible at it. A romantic at heart, she can find the love story in just about any piece of fiction and believes that almost any story can benefit from some mushy bits.

Follow her on Facebook  and watch for the post on her second book that releases September 14th

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