Daimon by Linette Kasper

Still dealing with the death of her mother and the void it left in her heart, Megan tries to return to the life she once had. But with her father’s impending marriage to a woman she can’t stand, she’s instead left feeling betrayed and alone. Having no one else to turn to, she seeks solace from her mother in the cemetery. There she meets David, a beguiling stranger, and finds herself drawn to him as though something has brought them together. Choosing to foster these growing feelings, she continues to see him and with each encounter, her life seems to change for the better. That is until she starts to notice odd things about him. When she confronts him, he explains them away, but she can’t bring herself to accept his answers, feeling there’s something more to him than he’s letting on. His roommate, Brian, however, is eager to share the truth with her, but being leery of him and his intentions, she refuses to give in and trusts David will share it with her when he’s ready. When his secret is finally revealed, she embraces him rather than pushes him away. But Brian is not satisfied, continuing to antagonize her, and she begins to wonder if he has something else planned for her.

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Linette Kasper is an avid writer of young adult fantasy and horror, though she likes to dabble in suspense and mystery. She has a horror short story titled “What They Did Not Know” in the FunDead anthology, One Night in Salem, and is currently working on the sequels to her debut novel, Daimon. The second book in the series, Rogue, is slated for release in September. She has lived in Virginia all her life, but likes to travel even though she has never gone farther than the east coast and is afraid of flying. She enjoys long walks in old cemeteries, binge-watching TV shows, and trying to stop time frame by frame.

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