Twisted Fate: New Release

One of my writer friends just released her book! If you follow her on Twitter and Facebook, she shares some really awesome #ThursdayAesthetics that revolve around this series. Her Facebook is very entertaining and definitely worth a follow! Check out her book blurb below, and then hop over to Amazon and grab a copy. It’s only $2.99 😉


Shawn Harrison has ten months until graduation and then he and his band are hitting the West Coast. Sunshine, palm trees, hot chicks, and hopefully a record deal if they play their cards right. This is what he and three of his closest friends have been dreaming of for the last seven years. There was only one hitch in the plan…

His new, enigmatic, blue-eyed neighbor.

Rachel Kendrick’s past holds many awful things, but none more devastating than the events of New Year’s Eve, 1995. The images from that night will both haunt and color her view of the world forever.
Now, at the hands of her dysfunctional family, and a healthcare system that both failed her in the most horrifying ways possible, Rachel finds herself removed from her home in the City she’s always known and forced to adapt to the pace of life in a small farming town.

Cherry Valley – Where everyone knows everyone and dark and dangerous secrets are kept safely behind friendly smiles.

Twisted Fate, the first of The Kendrick Chronicles, follows a young woman’s struggles to reclaim her future after life-altering events. Will she be able to put her decimated life back together while deciphering friend from enemy or will Fate continue to trigger a domino effect of tail spinning-events that will make her life unrecognizable?

Rated 18+ for: – Strong language – Explicit sexual content – Violence/Sexual abuse – Drugs and alcohol


Buy here: Amazon kindle

Check out her website as well:

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