Poetry by Laura

  The Rugby Ball I am sailing through the quiet air, watching all your eyes below; as I land I whisper, “Come and get me.” Then the game begins! You charge, a stampeding thunder, you will for   leap             me,   SCREAM for me, dive for me- All for me!   I’ve seen you get... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Katrina

“London” Peace talks Fire Bullets Booms. Peace talks Folded flags Stones Half mast.   Peace talks Headlines Tears Lost.   Peace talks Ears close Mouths lock Hearts break.     Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author who graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English. She started a campaign... Continue Reading →

To Be Read- Top Picks

I posted on my author page looking for more books recently. While I work on compiling books for that, I wish to share books that *I* personally suggest you read. (And review pleeease)  I have been struggling with a reading slump, so the majority of books I've read this last year have been WIP and I've beta'd. ... Continue Reading →

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