Poetry by Luke W.

Live By You

Here I am in need of your help again

Feel so ashamed, I’m a grown man

By now I should do this myself

But here I am crying for your help

I know right now that you can’t be proud

I know that I have let you down

I’ve asked for too much throughout my life

I don’t deserve to always have you by my side

Then you began to speak as you lifted your head

I couldn’t believe the words that were said


The words said


If you hadn’t been born, I’d probably be dead

That makes me forever in your debt

Every day I wonder if I make you proud

So never say that you ever let me down

I will always be here through and through

Because the person who makes me better is you

When you need me I am always floored

Because I wish I could’ve helped you more

I can say that even long after I die

That I will forever be right by your side



Luke Wood writes books under the name C.L. Williams. He’s an independent author from Virginia and recently released a poetry book called The Paradox Complex, which is about how we as people have contradictory qualities but are still good at our core. The Paradox Complex is one of five planned releases this year.

Find more from Luke W. at the following:




The Paradox Complex on Amazon http://amzn.to/2FCv02J

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