The Trusty Steed

Ahhh horses ❤ I can verify this is all correct. Great source if you hsve horses in your stories.

Richie Billing

Horses play iconic roles in the fantasy genre, fearlessly carrying heroes into battle, facing down dragons (and being eaten by them), and taking characters across countries and continents. So I decided to do a bit of research into the trusty steed and this is what I found.


Make no assumptions

For some of us, it’s fair to say we don’t see horses very often, driving past one standing in a field at 50mph on the odd occasion. We probably see horses more on TV than we do in reality. The main complaint I came across from readers when it came to horses is the author’s lack of understanding of them. So to fill the void of lack of experience, it’s important to learn.

After a few minutes research you’ll know that a female horse is called a mare, a male a stallion, a young female a filly, a young male…

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